Corporate Social Responsibility

Our four pillars: People, Clients, Community Involvement, Efficiency..

The impact mainly comes from the way Traust is serving its clients. However, the company also has responsibilities to the employees, communities, and environment. It unites an organization, strengthens its reputation and creates vital links with the communities in which it operates. Therefore, the Corporate Social Responsibility policy is build on the following four pillars:

“We strongly support local talent.” – Miguel Ángel González Sepúlveda, Socio


Our aim is that the people of Traust all act in a social responsible way. We not only want our people to be more productive, but also healthier. Therefore, we invest in optimal working conditions for our people, employment terms and relations. In addition, we provide a workspace where our people can enhance their skills and ambitions.


Because we are acting in a social responsible way, it is more likely that other organizations want to do business with us, since it reflects the beliefs and actions of our clients. It strengthens the firm’s reputation and image towards other clients.

Community involvement

Apart from our business responsibility, we are involved in the society where we are operating in. We work with many charities and civil associations in terms of giving advice or support in Auditing and Accounting.


We are very conscious of our responsibility to make the best use of resources. We are significantly reducing costs by introducing more efficient approaches to resources such as paper and energy.

We have a commitment with the following organizations

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