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We are Traust Accounting & Legal Firm..

Traust Accounting & Legal Firm has over 30 years of experience, born out of the merger of Sepúlveda Treviño, SC and Zambrano & Co. In 2002 the firm was formed as Sepúlveda Zambrano. In 2012 we became Traust Accounting & Legal Firm, a firm with offices in Monterrey, Mexico City and Miami, FL. with more than 80 professionals in the areas of accounting, auditing, consulting, tax and other legal services. 

  • 3 Partners
  • 10 Managers
  • 80 Professionals

  • Member of PrimeGlobal

We are a member of PrimeGlobal (formerly IGAF-Polaris), which is an international association of independent accounting firms. PrimeGlobal is the third largest association of independent accounting firms in the world and the number one in Latin America. As of June 2014, the association has over 300 firms with a combined total of more than 800 offices in 90 countries around the globe. During the past year, member firms had a combined total of over 2,300 partners and over 13,000 professional staff generating approximately US$2.08 billion in annual revenues.


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