Foreign Direct Investment in México…

México is an attractive country for foreign direct investment (FDI). With the current reforms and the opening of the energy sector to foreign companies, the investment climate will grow in the years to come. Also, México has free-trade agreements covering 44 countries worldwide. Furthermore, the North American Free Trade Agreement gives Mexican goods easy access to the world’s largest market, the U.S., as well as to Canada.

Especially México’s automotive industry is flourishing and attracting foreign investors. Kia announced its $1 billion USD investment in mid 2014, joining earlier announcements by alliance of Renault-Nissan and Daimler, and Germany’s BMW to build luxury SUV’s in México, mostly for export. Also, a division of Volkswagen will begin to produce its own luxury SUV’s this year.

Traust Accounting & Legal Firm can act actively for international companies who want to establish themselves or expand activities in México. Due to our proficiency in Spanish, our local presence, being a PrimeGlobal member and our knowledge we may count on an increasing amount of international top-class companies among our list of clients.


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